AccuQuilt is a brand synonymous with precision in the quilting world. Their GO! fabric cutters and dies are beloved by quilters of all levels for their ability to produce perfectly accurate shapes with minimal effort. While there have been some changes in the company’s ownership and management in recent years, AccuQuilt is not going out of business as of October 2023.

They are still actively operating and selling their full range of products through their website and authorized retailers. They are offering new products, running promotions, and actively engaging with their customer base through social media and online communities. If you’re a quilter looking for precise and efficient fabric-cutting solutions, AccuQuilt is worth considering. Their GO! cutters and dies come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for any project.

Is Accuquilt Going Out Of Business?

No, AccuQuilt is not going out of business at this time. There have been some developments in the company’s ownership and management in recent years, but they are still actively operating and selling their popular GO! fabric cutters and dies.

AccuQuilt, headquartered in Omaha, offers a wide range of innovative cutting machines and dies designed to streamline the quilting process. The company has carved a niche for itself by providing quilters with efficient tools to piece and cut fabric with precision. AccuQuilt also stands out by regularly introducing new dies and bundle offers, catering to the diverse needs of quilters.

Is Accuquilt going out of bussines

AccuQuilt Go Dispelling Rumors of Going Out of Business

Reason For Out Of Business

While some may fear that this move could lead to the company going out of business, it’s important to note that AccuQuilt is still offering its products and services to quilters.

Quilters who are concerned about the future of AccuQuilt can rest assured that the company is still operating and providing the same level of quality and innovation that they have come to expect. AccuQuilt’s parent company, TekBrands, is committed to ensuring that quilters can continue to enjoy the benefits of AccuQuilt’s products for years to come.

Alternative Brand

If you’re looking for an alternative to AccuQuilt fabric cutters, there are a few brands you might consider, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Westcott offers a variety of rotary cutters, quilting rulers, and mats. Their rotary cutters are known for their durability and precision, and their rulers are made from high-quality materials that won’t warp or crack.

They also have a wide range of specialty rulers available for specific quilting tasks. Olfa is a Japanese brand that specializes in rotary cutters. Their blades are made from high-quality carbon steel that stays sharp for a long time, and their cutters are known for their smooth operation. They also offer a variety of replacement blades for different materials.

Impact On Market

Overall, AccuQuilt’s impact on the quilting market has been positive. They have revolutionized fabric cutting with their innovative GO! system, offering quilters of all levels a precise, efficient, and enjoyable way to work with fabric. While they face some challenges, AccuQuilt’s dedication to quality, innovation, and community building continues to solidify its position as a leading brand in the quilting world.

AccuQuilt’s claim to fame is its precise and effortless fabric-cutting system. The GO! cutters eliminate the need for manual measuring and cutting, saving quilters time and frustration. This accuracy also translates to less wasted fabric and cleaner lines, elevating the overall quality of finished projects.

Consumer Reaction

Consumer reactions to AccuQuilt vary depending on individual experiences and preferences. The higher price point compared to traditional tools can be a deterrent for some quilters, especially beginners. Some find the individual die costs to be steep, limiting their ability to expand their collection.

While not overly complex, the GO! system can be unfamiliar at first. Some users find the initial learning process a bit frustrating, especially compared to the simplicity of rotary cutters. The die-based system restricts cutting to specific shapes and sizes. Quilters who enjoy freestyle cutting or working with odd-shaped pieces might find AccuQuilt to be inflexible.


In conclusion, while the acquisition by a private equity firm may have caused some concerns in the quilting community, AccuQuilt is demonstrating resilience and commitment to its customers. Quilters can rest assured that the beloved brand is far from going out of business and will continue to provide innovative solutions to enhance their quilting experience.  

AccuQuilt’s dedication to its customers and its perseverance in the face of change should be seen as indicators of a bright future for the company. As they continue to expand and innovate, quilters can look forward to even more exciting products and advancements. So, rather than worrying about the uncertainty of the acquisition, quilters can look forward to the new possibilities and opportunities that AccuQuilt will bring to their quilting journey. 


Is Accuquilt Going Out Of Business?

No, Accuquilt is not going out of business. There have been no official announcements or indications that Accuquilt is closing its operations.

Has There Been Any News About Accuquilt Being Acquired By A Private Equity Firm?

There has been speculation about Accuquilt being bought by a private equity firm, but as of now, it is just a rumor. There have been no confirmed reports about such an acquisition.

What Is The Current Status Of Accuquilt’s Parent Company, TekBrands?

As of the latest available information, TekBrands, the parent company of Accuquilt, is still operational and has not indicated any plans to shut down or sell Accuquilt.

Are There Any Ongoing Offers Or Promotions From Accuquilt Amidst These Rumours?

Accuquilt continues to offer its range of cutting machines, dies, templates, and other products. They have not halted their regular promotions and deals, indicating that they are still in business.

How Do These Rumours About Accuquilt Possibly Going Out Of Business Affect Quilters Who Use Their Products?

Quilters who rely on Accuquilt’s machines and dies need not be concerned about the company’s status. As of now, Accuquilt is still providing the excellent products that quilters love.

Is There Any Credibility To The Rumours Of Accuquilt Products Being Acquired By Wilsquare Capital?

There have been no credible reports or announcements about Wilsquare Capital acquiring Accuquilt’s products or the company itself. These rumors should be taken with caution until confirmed by official sources.

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