If you’re looking for the best CRM for coaching business free, we have some good news for you. As a coach, having a good customer relationship management system is essential to the success of your business. You will need to manage multiple tasks and facilitate good customer relationships with your clients. You definitely need something that will help streamline the workflow and increase your efficiency.

But with most CRMs out there going for lots of bucks, it can be hard to find one that will help your business grow without hurting your budget. But we have made things easy for you. Here is a list of the best CRMs for coaching business that are absolutely free to use.

You’ll be able to add clients, track their progress, organize your schedule, and much more – all without spending a dime! Does this sound like what you have been looking for? Then keep reading to discover our list of the best CRM for coaching business free.

How CRMs Can Help a Coaching Business

CRM can help a coaching business in many ways, but the most important benefit is that it allows coaches to be more effective with their time and energy. As a coach, you are always looking for ways to be more efficient (and less stressed).

For most coaches, especially the ones starting out fresh, the bulk of the job is done using paper and pen! This can be a good option for a start, but as soon as your client list begins to grow beyond ten people, things might start to get messy very quickly! So you need an effective CRM to help keep your business on track.

CRM software will help you keep track of your clients, help you stay organized, help you stay on top of your business, and help you reach out to new clients more easily.

Can You Actually Get a Free CRM for Your Coaching Business?

Best CRM for Coaching Business Free

Best CRM for Coaching Business Free

CRM software could be an effective tool for coaches to improve their client relationships accurately. But many are not sure if they can actually get these amazing tools for free. Well, the answer is yes, there are free CRMs that you can use to take your coaching business to the next level.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on CRM software; dozens of companies offer free CRM plans for business owners. They do this with the hope that you will use the tool and fall in love with it, which will motivate you to eventually upgrade to a paid plan, or at the very least, recommend it to others.

If you don’t have a huge budget yet in your coaching business, you can stick with the free plan; so far, it helps you achieve what you want. Here are the best CRM for coaching business free.

5 Best CRM for Coaching Business Free

#1: HubSpot

HubSpot is a brilliant CRM for coaching businesses. It’s free, which is amazing. It’s got some great features that make it easy to keep track of your clients and also help you organize your projects, so you can focus on making sure your clients are happy, and their needs are met.

HubSpot is a great CRM for coaching businesses because it has a lot of features that are important to the industry:

  • Reports and analytics: The best thing about HubSpot is that it lets you see how many people visit your website, what they’re looking at, and how often they come back. And if you have an email list, it’ll show you how many people open messages from you.
  • Lead capture tools: you can add landing pages and forms to your site and track leads from there.
  • Email marketing: HubSpot has built-in email tools that make it easy to manage campaigns and track their performance.
  • Sales automation: HubSpot has some awesome sales automation features that let you automate your sales process and keep track of who’s reached out, who’s responded, and what they’re saying about you.
  • You can even use HubSpot as a blog platform! If you want to write articles or create videos for your website, this tool makes it super easy to set up a blog right inside the platform. You don’t need another tool or program installed on your computer.
  • The free plan offers amazing goodies: offer up to 100 contacts, 25,000 visitors on your website, and 5 marketing campaigns.

#2: Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a great option for coaches who are focused on marketing themselves. The CRM provides a whole array of tools you need to manage and grow your coaching business. Bitrix24 is an all-in-one solution that will help you manage your clients, track their activity, and plan your team’s work.

The system is designed to be easy to use, so you can get up and running quickly. You can also customize it using code or by using the drag-and-drop interface. If you’re looking for a tool that keeps all of your client data in one place, Bitrix24 is a great choice!

Bitrix24 unique features include:

  • A universal tool with all you need
  • Customer management
  • Lead scoring to help you know where to focus in growing your client base
  • Integrates easily with a host of social media platforms
  • Sales analytics
  • Custom pipelines

#3: Zoho

If you’re looking for a CRM that can grow with your business, Zoho is an excellent choice. It has a ton of features and integrations, so if you don’t mind spending some time learning how to use it, you’ll have no problem keeping track of just about everything related to your coaching business.

Zoho is free for up to 25 users, which should be enough for most coaching businesses. They also offer several paid plans if your needs exceed what their free offering provides.

Some unique features of Zoho include:

  • Training programs to help you get started
  • Works fine on both Android and iOS devices
  • Easy integration with other business apps
  • Real-time analytics
  • A migration wizard for easy import of data

#4: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a great choice for a coaching business. It offers a free plan that includes 12,000 contacts and up to 1,500 emails per month. If you’re just starting out or have a small list of clients, this will likely be enough for you to get started with the basics of email marketing and CRM automation.

ActiveCampaign also has excellent email marketing features such as templates and autoresponders. It’s one of the few platforms that allow you to customize your emails in-app rather than downloading them as an attachment or using HTML code.

Some unique features of ActiveCampaign include:

  • A central platform with all the information you need about all of your clients
  • A sales pipeline that you can easily view online
  • Sales automation tools that gather information from clients
  • Advice on when to follow up on leads and lead scoring
  • The ability to automate most of the sales process
  • Integration with email providers like Outlook, Gmail, and more
  • Integration with other sales tools

#5: TrueCoach

TrueCoach is a customer relationship management system for coaches. It’s free, and it’s got tons of bells and whistles that can make your coaching business run more smoothly.

TrueCoach helps you track the progress of your clients and gives you tips on how to help them improve their lives. You can also set up automated messages for when a client has not opened one of your messages or if they haven’t replied to one within a certain time period.

They’ll also send reminders if a client hasn’t paid for their session yet (and TrueCoach will even let you know who’s behind on their payments). It’s an all-in-one solution that provides everything you need to run a successful coaching business.

It’s simple to use, and it has all the features you need, including:

  • Email marketing
  • Lead generation tools
  • Scheduling and time management tools
  • Workout tracking.
  • Workout session management.
  • Tracking nutrition intake of clients.
  • Real-time messaging feature.

Conclusion on the Best CRM for Coaching Business Free!

If you’re a coach looking for a CRM, you’ve likely come to the conclusion that most of them are really expensive. What you may not know, however, is that there are some free CRM solutions available. Although they won’t be feature-complete enough to meet the needs of larger businesses, they can work splendidly well as “starter” solutions for smaller companies or start-ups.

In this post, we have highlighted the best 5 CRMs on the market that can help take your coaching business to the top. They are free and very effective. You should take advantage of them!

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