Subaru Starlink, the advanced in-vehicle technology system, has been a valuable feature for Subaru vehicles since its introduction. However, with the advancement of technology and the gradual phasing out of older network technologies.

Following the announcement of the discontinuation, many customers are left wondering about the future of their vehicle connectivity and whether they will have access to support and updates for their existing Starlink systems. Additionally, potential Subaru buyers may be questioning the availability of similar technology in future models.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve with new advancements in technology, manufacturers like Subaru need to meet the demands of their customers. The discontinuation of the Starlink system highlights the challenges and considerations that automotive companies face in responding to the ever-changing needs of consumers.

Is There A Subaru Starlink Discontinued?

Subaru Starlink, the wireless service that provides safety and security features for Subaru vehicles, will be discontinued in 2023. This Assistance Data Release gives notice that SUBARU STARLINK administration is being stopped toward the finish of Walk 2023. The client warning has been shown on the SUBARU STARLINK cell phone application. This retirement of the 3G network affects Subaru vehicles with an active Starlink Safety and Security service subscriber, impacting the Starlink app and service.

Subaru owners were urged to contact their Subaru retailer for further details and to ensure their Starlink system was updated before the 3G network’s retirement. The complimentary update for affected vehicles would allow continued access to safety and security services, including automatic collision notification, SOS emergency assistance, remote vehicle services such as locking and unlocking your Subaru, and more.


Subaru Starlink Discontinued

Subaru Starlink Discontinued

Reasons For Discontinued

One of the primary reasons for the discontinuation of the Subaru Starlink service is the retirement of the 3G network. As of March 2023, the 3G wireless network will be retired, affecting vehicles manufactured between 2016 and 2018. This change necessitates an update for affected vehicles to allow continued access to the safety and security services previously offered through the Starlink system.

Subaru has communicated the need for this update to its customers and has emphasized the importance of updating the Starlink system before the 3G network retirement in March 2023. The update will enable vehicles with an active Subaru Starlink safety and security service subscription to continue utilizing features such as automatic collision notification, SOS emergency assistance, and remote vehicle locking and unlocking.

Alternatives And Recommendations

For those wondering about alternatives, Subaru recommends updating to newer models with wireless connectivity. However, for owners of older vehicles, it’s essential to stay informed and take the necessary steps to maintain access to critical Starlink features.

By being proactive and staying informed, Subaru owners can continue to enjoy the benefits of the Starlink system well into 2023 and beyond.

Impact On Customer

Customers will lose access to features previously offered through the Starlink app, such as remote start, vehicle diagnostics, and location tracking. While some Starlink features are still available via other means (e.g., remote start through the key fob), they may offer limited functionality or be less convenient. Vehicles without updated software will no longer be able to connect to the 3G network and will lose all Starlink functionality.

While the discontinuation of Subaru Starlink may cause some inconvenience to customers, it also presents an opportunity for Subaru to improve its connected car technology and provide a more user-friendly experience. Customers are encouraged to contact their local Subaru dealer for more information on how the transition to the MySubaru app will affect their vehicle.

Customer Reactions

Customers who recently purchased Subaru vehicles with Starlink feel like their investment has been wasted, as they are now losing features they paid for. Some customers believe that Subaru’s decision to discontinue Starlink will negatively impact the brand’s image and reputation for innovation and technology. Some customers rarely use the Starlink features and feel that they won’t be significantly impacted by its discontinuation.

While there is some disappointment among customers who value the Starlink features, the overall sentiment is mixed. Many customers are open to alternatives and are willing to see what Subaru offers as a replacement. The success of Subaru’s strategy will ultimately depend on the quality and competitiveness of the alternatives they offer.


 Its conclusion Subaru’s decision to discontinue its Starlink infotainment system has generated a spectrum of customer reactions. Some lament the loss of key features, feeling their investment has been wasted, while others remain open to exploring alternative solutions.

Ultimately, the success of Subaru’s strategy hinges on clear communication, offering competitive alternatives, and ensuring a seamless user experience with the replacement systems. By carefully addressing these factors, Subaru can navigate this change effectively and maintain its position in the competitive automotive market.


What Is The News About Subaru Starlink Being Discontinued?

Subaru Starlink services that rely on the 3G wireless network will be discontinued, affecting model year 2016-2018 Subaru vehicles. This decision comes as a result of the retirement of the 3G network, and it has been announced that this will happen in February 2022.

Which Subaru Vehicles Are Affected By The Discontinuation Of Starlink Services?

The affected vehicles include Subaru vehicles from model years 2016-2018 with an active Subaru Starlink Safety and Security subscription.

Will There Be A Complimentary Update For The Affected Vehicles?

Yes, there will be a complimentary update for the affected vehicles, which will allow continued access to the Starlink Safety and Security services. It is essential to ensure that your system is updated before the retirement of the 3G network.

How Can I Update My Starlink System To Continue Using The Services?

If you own an affected Subaru vehicle, it is crucial to update your Starlink system to maintain access to the safety and security services. Contact your Subaru retailer for further details on how to proceed with the update.

What Specific Services And Features Will Be Affected By The Discontinuation?

The retirement of the 3G network will affect services such as automatic collision notification, remote vehicle, and locking and unlocking your Subaru through the Starlink app, as well as other wireless functionalities.

Will The Retirement Of 3G Network Impact The Subaru Starlink App?

Yes, the Subaru Starlink app and related wireless functionalities will be impacted by the retirement of the 3G network. Therefore, it is vital for affected Subaru owners to take the necessary steps to update their systems to avoid disruptions.

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