Have you ever found yourself pondering the question, “Why is everyone leaving WRAL?” Well, you are not alone – many people are also out there asking the same question. But don’t worry, we will shed on this in this post and help you discover the reason for this mass exodus.

For decades, WRAL has stood tall as one of North Carolina’s most prominent and beloved news stations. It has been a constant presence in countless households, delivering breaking news and captivating human-interest stories that have solidified its reputation as a trusted source of information.

However, in recent times, winds of change seem to be blowing through WRAL. Familiar faces are daily disappearing from our screens, leaving viewers puzzled and asking, ‘Why is everyone leaving WRAL?

Why is Everyone Leaving WRAL?

If you are a fan of this studio, you would have noticed that many people we used to associate with the station are no longer appearing on our screens. Many of them had bid farewell to this station even after working there for many years.

The exit of the likes of Bill Leslie, Greg Fishel, and Mandy Mitchell has however sprouted great curiosity in the minds of people, causing them to ask: Why is everyone leaving WRAL?

Well, the reason these personalities are leaving is not the same. That is why the answer to the question is not a one-size-fits-all kind of answer. However, even though they all left on various accounts, one of the most common reasons is the search for greener pastures. Yes, they said they had to leave WRAL in pursuit of a better lifestyle – who doesn’t like that anyway?

The truth is that this kind of thing is not uncommon in an industry like broadcasting. Virtually everyone in the industry wants to work where they can enjoy a better life and different growth opportunities. Another reason some of them gave for leaving the station is because of the high cost of living in North Carolina.

They prefer to work in areas like Texas where the cost of living is relatively low and there is no tax on their income. Because of that, many professionals are dying to leave and work there as it looks more appealing for people seeking financial stability and personal fulfillment.

But that’s not all. Of course, there are some other reasons people are leaving WRAL – it all comes down to the individual journalist. So, in the next section, we will be taking the question: Why is everyone leaving WRAL to the next level by looking at some of their staff that recently left and why they leave?

Reputable Personalities That Have Left WRAL and Why They Leave

Did Greg Fishel leave WRAL?

For over three decades, Greg Fishel, the highly regarded meteorologist, graced our screens with his weather expertise and unwavering commitment to keeping us informed and safe. Throughout his career, Fishel received numerous accolades for his exceptional reporting and forecasting skills.

However, after his illustrious tenure at WRAL, he made the difficult decision to pursue new opportunities. While the specific reasons for his departure remain undisclosed, this marked a significant turning point in his journey.

Fishel now serves as a senior atmospheric scientist at Priogen Energy in Raleigh, utilizing his meteorological expertise in the energy sector and extending his influence beyond broadcasting.

Why did Lena Tillett leave WRAL?

Another reputable name bidding farewell to WRAL is Lena Tillett, the esteemed morning anchor. With her engaging presence and exceptional reporting skills, Tillett captivated viewers throughout her time at WRAL. Although her departure marks the end of an era, it also signifies the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her career.

So, why did she leave? The reason given by Tillett was that she wants to explore fresh waters as a television personality – we think she already has the skill and experience she needs to be exceptional in that field too. Will she ever come back to WRAL? No one can say!

Why Is Everyone Leaving WRAL

Why Is Everyone Leaving WRAL

Why did David Crabtree leave WRAL?

David Crabtree, a well-known and respected figure at WRAL, dedicated over two decades to reporting on every major event in the region. From historic space missions to the aftermath of hurricanes and the funerals of renowned figures, Crabtree diligently covered it all.

In a recent interview, he emphasized that his departure from the network stemmed not from ego, but from a profound sense of responsibility towards the community he served. Demonstrating unwavering dedication to his journalistic principles, Crabtree retired after an impressive 24-year tenure at WRAL.

However, he embarked on a new chapter by transitioning into a management role at PBSNC, further expanding his influence in the media landscape.

Is Mikaya Thurmond leaving WRAL?

This may not be news many would like to hear but unfortunately, Mikaya Thurmond is leaving WRAL after seven incredible years at the station. Starting as the youngest reporter, she rose through the ranks to become a weekend anchor and eventually a weekday morning anchor.

While her last day on-air will be August 12th, Thurmond promises to share details about her next chapter soon. Expressing heartfelt appreciation to her WRAL family and viewers, she leaves with gratitude and anticipation for what lies ahead.

Did Adam Owens leave WRAL?

Recently, anchor and reporter Adam Owens announced his departure from WRAL News too, marking the end of a remarkable journey that began in 2007. Owens was recognized for his unique blend of humor, unwavering commitment to accurate news reporting, and genuine desire to make a positive impact.

During his emotional farewell on the final newscast, Owens expressed his gratitude and revealed that he had to make the difficult decision in order to put the wellbeing of his family first.

Is Peta Sheerwood still at WRAL TV?

Yes, Peta Sheerwood continues to work as a Weekend Morning Meteorologist for WRAL. He joined the station in 2020, replacing John Crabtree, whose departure reasons remained undisclosed to the public. Since joining WRAL in August 2020, Sheerwood has made significant contributions to the team.

Is Cullen Browder leaving WRAL?

When you see people asking, ‘Why is everyone leaving WRAL?’ They are also likely trying to ask about Cullen Browder. Unfortunately, he is also among the list of people who recently exited the station.

Following an impressive 25-year tenure at the renowned WRAL-TV, Investigative Reporter Cullen Browder will be embarking on a new journey – a new chapter of his life. On his final day, Tuesday, June 20, 2023, a gathering of his longtime colleagues assembled to bid him a heartfelt farewell.

Why is Angela Brauer leaving?

In a surprising twist, Angela Brauer, the remarkable journalist, will be bidding adieu to her current role and will be making a transition into the nonprofit sector in Cleveland. While excitement bubbles within her, the departure carries a bittersweet tinge.

“It was, and still is my dream job,” she confessed, her voice laced with a medley of emotions. “At this moment, I find myself wrestling with a blend of sadness, fear, and anticipation.”

Why Is Everyone Leaving WRAL – Final Note

The departure of several notable figures from WRAL has undoubtedly raised questions about the reasons behind their choices. We have been able to uncover the reasons behind the departure of notable persons from the station.

But will this departure in any way affect WRAL? Well, while they may feel the absence of some of their regular faces, it may not mean so much to the station as a whole. They are already making arrangements to replace the reporters that left. So, even though you may not be seeing your favorite broadcaster on WRAL again, you will definitely still be enjoying quality news updates on the station.

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